To the person who feels trapped by an unending cycle of health issues & is excited to take back control of their health.

What if, this year, you finally broke free from frustration and started living a life where health isn’t a barrier – but a gateway to limitless possibilities?

Because who wants to continue feeling unheard and dismissed in the healthcare system?

Not you.  

Surely, there HAS to be more to life than:

Feeling like an outsider in your own body

Yearning for connection but feeling isolated and disconnected

Dealing with the fog of exhaustion. Leaving you without the energy you crave to live your life fully.

Trying to stay healthy but not seeing any progress. Despite all your efforts

The 9 to 5 grind, leaving you exhausted and unable to find joy

You may have tried Googling herbal remedies. But you’re scared you’ll make a mistake trying it alone. 

Or you’re overwhelmed by the barrage of information available online.

Perhaps you’ve tried some herbal remedies, but they don’t work or you do have a little success but your symptoms to return later 😞

Too often, the focus is on removing the symptoms while ignoring the TRUE root causes of health issues.

You might be depressed.

A doctor would probably give you anti-depressants. You might self-prescribe St John’s Wort for your symptoms.

➡️ But what if a hormonal imbalance causes your depression?

➡️ And what if stress causes that hormonal imbalance?

➡️ Which is caused by a difficult home environment?

➡️ Which is caused by your lack of boundaries?

➡️ Which is caused by childhood trauma?


Every health issue has physical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects…

 …and the causes are often deeper than you think.

As a herbalist, I can give you medicine to manage physical symptoms. That’s the easy part. 


…if your deeper issues go unchecked, your health issues will return again and again.

That’s where the power of Shamanism & the four medicines of plants comes in.

Every issue in your life has a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect.

And all plants have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing properties.

Shamanism connects you with all of the healing properties of plants.

Not only the physical.

Allowing you to tackle the underlying issues that are causing your health problems.

For example, the herb Agrimony soothes your digestive system.

It ALSO supports you in recognising and confronting your true feelings. Rather than hiding behind a cheerful façade.

Every herb has more than one type of medicine. And shamanic herbalism can help you tap into them all.

Hi, I’m Wendy,

For over two decades, I’ve immersed myself in the world of plants and herbalism.

I trained as a medical herbalist at university. And have helped many people reclaim their health.

Despite this, I often felt something crucial was missing from the healing equation.

This feeling of disconnection led me to the world of Shamanism, and It was like somebody flipped on a light switch.

I had focused so heavily on the physical aspect of healing. But I neglected the spiritual, emotional, and mental elements.

Key components that most conventional health practices overlook.

Recognising the power of Shamanism was my aha moment. It was the missing link for my personal growth and taking my professional practice to a whole new level.

With 20 years of experience in natural medicine. And the added depth of Shamanic wisdom, I’ve guided my clients to incredible results.

And the cornerstone of this shift?

Establishing a profound spiritual connection with plants & plant spirits. 

Where the plants teach us and serve as trusted elders and allies on our healing journey. 

Something I believe everyone can achieve.

So then: 

How do you free yourself from ever-repeating patterns that stop you from living a life of joy and meaning?

1. Start at the roots.

Using the power of Shamanism and a connection to plant spirit medicine, uncover the deeper issues that manifest as physical symptoms in your life – this is where change makes the biggest impact.

2.  Make a plan:

With guidance from an experienced practitioner come up with a plan to heal the physical, mental emotional and spiritual aspects of your issues. This could involve taking herbal medicine. Making lifestyle changes. Setting healthier boundaries. Or spending more time in nature – the Spirits will guide you in discovering what you need to do. 

3. Take action.

Armed with understanding and guidance, it’s time to take action. Put your plan into action and stick with it consistently. This is where you can lean on community for support and accountability. This work takes patience, but those who stick with it will see the results. 

I’ve guided many clients toward a healthier, happier & deeply connected existence by walking the herbal shamanic path.

It’s your turn, don’t you think?

Learn these life-altering Herbal Shamanic teachings and tools inside:

The online guided Shamanic Herbal training program & supported community where you take back control of your health and well-being and start living a more connected & empowered life.

⭐️ 25th May  – 29th June  2024 ⭐️


This journey was an incredible way to safely dip my toe into the world of plant medicine. Wendy made learning enjoyable. Her authentic knowledge of the topic allowed folk methods to be used in practical applications that I feel comfortable using daily. 

Jennifer Vegliando copy

Jennifer V

“I absolutely loved the course. Wendy was fantastic; she’s incredibly skilled at explaining things from all angles and has opened up a new world for me in plant medicines and their healing powers.  Wendy’s expertise in this field is truly epic.”

Naomi Paterson

Naomi P

A Journey Into Herbal Shamanism is an online, six-week live small group coaching program where you get the practical & shamanic skills to work safely with herbal medicines & plant spirits…

… so you can finally regain control of your health & well-being

Learn the four sacred medicines of plants so you can use them to heal your life

Discover how to safely gather, dry and prepare common (but powerful) local herbs

Explore the various energetic qualities of herbs, including their tastes, temperatures, and actions on the body so that you can begin to deepen your understanding of herbal medicines.

Develop a deep shamanic connection to plant spirits so you can unlock their spiritual, emotional and mental healing properties.

Simple & practical steps to support your physical health, harmonize with your hormones and live vibrantly

Learn to heal from new and old inner wounds, so you can start living life from a place of wholeness.

Personalise your path to healing during this six-week experience

This online course is a deep journey that begins with a specific intention. 

You will uncover it during your 1:1 with Wendy before the course begins.

Consider your intention as your primary goal for this course.

It might be addressing a health concern.

…deepening your bond with nature

……or developing herbal skills.

But remember, this course isn’t just about that one goal you start with. It’s about getting the tools you need to heal your life.

Your intention serves as a focus to hone the skills you’ll learn.

It’s like a pilot project.

Giving you hands-on experience to practice new skills.



Master the shamanic herbal skills that let you access the healing, wisdom and power of plants

With a full spectrum of shamanic herbal teachings & practical tools (like making herbal tinctures or flower essences), you can connect more deeply to your true self, your plant allies, and the seen and unseen world around you.

Week 1

The Essential Foundations of Shamanic herbalism

Uncover the Power of Shamanic Herbalism – Safely and Ethically.

Lay the groundwork for your transformative journey.

You will:

  • Understand how to engage safely and ethically with Shamanic Herbalism. This lets you navigate your herbal journey with confidence and integrity.
  • Harness the power of intention to drive your desires & reach your goals.
  • Open yourself to the magic of herbs. And the knowledge to embrace their power to enhance your life.
  • Learn how to connect with the spirits of plants for healing.
  • Meet your Herbal Allies that will guide & support you on your journey.
  • And more…

Week 2

Herbal Medicine Foundations

Unlocking the Wisdom of Herbs and Journey through Aromas, Sensory Experiences and Herbal Energetics

We dive into the key foundations of herbal medicines to empower you in your journey towards health and balance.

You will:

  • Uncover the secrets of herbal energetics to deepen your understanding of herbal medicine.
  • Get confident in the key steps to make herbal preparations.
  • Experience the power of ceremony in a sensory tea ceremony where you’ll expand your growing knowledge of the language of herbs.
  • Begin to understand the craft of herbal prescriptions to create your own.
  • Get hands-on experience in creating your own herbal tinctures.
  • And more…

Week 3

Your Mental and Emotional Body

Harnessing the Power of Herbs for Mental and Emotional Healing

As you go deeper, we look into the key drivers of ALL health issues and working with the subtle energetics of herbal medicine.

Here’s what you’ll explore:

  • Herbs and different preparations, including flower essences for mental & emotional balance.
  • Discover practical strategies to address health issues.
  • Learn how different herbs affect your body systems.
  • Shamanic healing journeys to balance & explore your inner world.
  • and more…

Week 4

Herbal Actions and Energetics 

Following the river to its roots


  • Discover the ancient medicine of incense and smoke for use in cleansing & ceremonies.
  • Learn how to make tasty and effective herbal preparations.
  • Dive deeper into the medicines of your herbal allies.
  • Connect with Herbal actions so you feel confident navigating the science of herbal medicine.
  • Learn to tell if a particular herb is appropriate to use in a given situation.
  • And more

Week 5

Culminating in Clarity & Connection

Pulling it all together 


  • Master a simple yet profound technique for connecting with plant allies for self-healing.
  • Explore the shamanic map and principles of safe shamanic practices so you feel confident in journeying.
  • Hone your ability to understand omens in nature for healing & guidance.
  • Review the key guiding principles so that you feel confident continuing your connection with herbs after the course ends.
  • And more…

Week 6

The Final Leap

Embracing Transformation with a Plant Elixer Ceremony

The final ceremony for transformation

In this final week:

  • You’ll prepare for the plant elixir Ceremony on the final day

  • You will craft an altar for your final
    using what you’ve gathered on your omen walk

  • You will combine the medicines you’ve created on the course to use in the final ceremony

  • And finally, we’ll come together in a sacred ceremony to honour your transformation…

…and your new-found path toward healing & wholeness!

Herbal Shamanic Ceremonies & Tools

Lifetime Access
(Revisit as often as you need!)

Online, Live classes with Q&A

Practical Tasks 
(Easily apply this to your daily life!)

Downloadable Handbooks & How-to Guides

170+ hours of online access to Wendy

With an experienced mentor on your side, never feel lost, lonely, or confused.

“Wendy’s knack for making things easy to understand helped me so much on my journey ”

What students love most about Wendy:

Her practical advice and easy-to-understand language make Shamanic herbal teachings easy to grasp


Her ability to make students feel at ease and her incredible depth of knowledge on all things herbal


She’s more than pretty good. She’s a pretty special lady

Jennifer Vegliando copy

Jennifer V

The way Wendy laid out the information was amazing. It was detailed yet easy to understand.

Melissa Clauson

Melissa C

Get 16 hrs hours of live face-to-face lessons from an experienced teacher


170+ Hours of live support via Slack

Wendy is available in Slack for over 170 hours to support you during this course

“Wendy was always available in a private message if I wanted to ask a question or chat about anything!”

Naomi Paterson

Naomi P

Finally, an online training program that shows you how.


Put Your Medicine-Making Skills Into Practice With Simple Weekly Tasks

Learn from the plants, not just about the plants!

Each week, you’ll get simple tasks to perform. This will help you embody the teachings and prepare you for the plant elixir ceremony at the end of the course.

Wendy’s course was great for me – I learned how to make herbal tinctures, elixirs, electuaries and flower essences. I now feel comfortable working with a handful of herbs including primrose, nettle, yarrow and calendula. I look forward to expanding my repertoire one herb at a time. Thank you Wendy!”


C Lennard

Enhance Your Knowledge With In-Depth Handbooks

Get up to speed with the basics before the course begins

With your pre-course handbook, “An Introduction to Shamanic Herbalism”

In it you’ll find:

✅ The Four Sacred Medicines of Plants.

✅ The ethos of shamanic herbalism.

✅ The basics of medicinal plant communication

✅ Easy and accessible tips, recipes and ideas for you to begin weaving herbs and shamanic herbalism into your daily life.

You’ll come back to it again and again on this incredible journey of discovery, connection & healing

No more guessing with the “Herbal Preparations” handbook

This timeless resource shows you: 

✅ How to correctly harvest herbs

✅ How to dry and store herbs

✅ How to safely make tinctures, infusions, decoctions (herbal extractions) and more. 

So you can continue to build on your herbal knowledge and create herbal medicines for yourself and loved ones long after the course has finished.

Learn what herbs do in your body…

With the Actions of Herbs Handbook

Herbal actions refer to how herbs influence your body and mind, including their physical, chemical, and energetic effects. 

Simply put, they explain how herbs function within you. This knowledge helps identify which herbs are suitable for specific health conditions.

Examples of herbal actions include: 

 ✅ Anti-inflammatory

 ✅  Adaptogenic (helps your body cope with stress)

 ✅ Vulnerary (wound-healing)

A resource full of factual information you can use time & time again.   

Stay on track with detailed herbal monographs.

Every herbalist worth their salt has a collection of monographs -it’s called a “Materia Medica”, and this is the start of yours.

A herbal monograph is essentially a detailed report about a specific herb. It includes information about the plant’s characteristics, medicinal properties, how to use it safely, and any potential side effects. 

Think of it as a comprehensive guide or a profile about a particular herb.

Your monographs will be of the three herbs you’ll work with during this program. You’ll add to these monographs with your own findings throughout the course.

With these monographs, you can be confident that you’re choosing the right herb for the right thing at the right time.

The course nailed all the basics, and the worksheets and homework were super clear. The extra booklets were a bonus – they had loads of info to play around with and learn more stuff on your own. It wasn’t just about what we learned in class; those books let you dive deeper and do more.

rachel thelwell

Rachel T

Get lifetime access to the course materials and live workshop recordings to keep building your skills

Come back to the course as often as you need!  You can hone your skills or work on any connection-blocking issues that life throws at you. Forever!


Unpack all of yourself in a
safe, sacred & supported space.

As a student, you don’t have to walk this path alone. 

With the small student community, you finally have a place where you belong. Forge new friendships with like-minded herbal shamanic explorers. Share your journeying experiences without judgment. And feel truly free to explore yourself and the world of Shamanic herbalism.



Join a loving community that embraces everyone.

“This community is a place that knows no hate, knows no falsehoods, that embraces all who want to learn about the ancient practice of Shamanism. It is a community that embraces the idea that we are all valuable and we all are meant to live out our own life’s journey. If that sounds like a place you’d like to be, come on over and join our merry band of tree-hugging, soul searching, seekers of ancient wisdom.”


Kim P

In a group that welcomes vulnerability
without judgment, self-discovery isn’t scary.

Here’s how we create the accepting, respectful atmosphere that students love:

Your journey is YOUR journey!

Your spiritual path is unique to you. Meaning, whatever you experience, however your Guides communicate with you is just right. You never have to compare your path to someone else’s, or worse, some ideal version of what should be.

We respect each others’ boundaries.

Get input from other students only IF you ask for it. And when you do ask, members share their learnings based on personal experience. They’ll never tell you what to do. Or that your experience is wrong (because it isn’t!). So you can feel safe to share.


Need some more clarity? Listen to Wendy explain exactly what the six weeks is all about:

She tells you what this course is, what it isn’t, who it’s for and who it’s not for…

Limited places so you don’t get lost in a sea of students…

In this intimate group experience, there are only 15 places, so you can be sure that your voice won’t be drowned out in a sea of other knowledge seekers. 

Every student gets the attention they need (& deserve!)

I thought the size of the class was great. I loved all the women that were in the class. I thought they were super cool. Everyone had the opportunity to share if they wanted

Melissa Clauson

Melissa C



Take the full six weeks to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to walk the path of shamanic herbalism. Risk-free.

The Shamanic Herbal teaching and tools taught in this online program are powerful. But because I know it’s sometimes scary to invest in yourself…

I invite you to come on the journey with me for the full six weeks. RISK-FREE. 

Dive into the weekly live lessons. Complete the tasks. Share Exciting experiences with your fellow students. And seek out personal guidance from me whenever you need it.

If, at the end of this program, you feel you’re not equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to walk the path of shamanic herbalism. 

Or that I have not fulfilled my promise to guide you through this process…

I’ll give you your money back. 

Simply email me for a refund:



I’ve never done an online course like this before. I’m very much an in-the-flesh, in-the-person kind of anything else that I’ve ever learned. So that was quite a new experience for me. We could still gel as a group, which I was pleasantly pleased with. It’s deepened my interest in plants and their benefits, highlighting how nature significantly aids in healing.

Naomi Paterson

Naomi P

Still not sure if this is for you?

Book a quick free call with me to find out if this course suits you.

Before working with Wendy, my life was constantly interrupted by health issues that I never thought I could heal or understand. She guided me through the process of healing, and the things that have been bothering me for years have finally gone! 


Dani S

Getting back on the right track can be difficult, but Wendy used her herbal and medical knowledge and expertise to make it a  straightforward process for me. I am finally back to my old self and can manage my household – even after a sleepless night! 


Maryan W


What kind of health issues can I bring to this course?

And answers to other smart questions

This course is NOT intended to treat acute physical or mental health issues or complex illnesses such as: 


acute mental health conditions


Heart disease


Serious depression 

Examples of health issues you can bring to this course are: 

Digestive issues such as IBS

Hormonal problems, such as PMS and menopause 

Sleep and energy issues

Skin conditions such as eczema and acne

Recurring infections such as UTI’s, colds

Mild to moderate mood issues 

If you are undergoing personal upheavals, meaning you cannot dedicate yourself fully to the course due to instability in your life, then I suggest sitting this one out and joining a future round. 

If you’re still unsure if this program is for you, book a call with me, and we can chat about it. 

You’ll need at least 3/4 hours of focused attention each week to watch your workshop and carry out your tasks/journeys. 

If you’re short on time and don’t foresee May/June being different, wait for a future round to sign up. 

You need to have a confident shamanic connection with your Guides. You should be aware of the importance of personal development on a spiritual path and be committed to this in your daily life. You don’t need any experience of herbalism specifically.

If you have any doubts, book a short call with me to discuss if this suits you before you purchase.

The price is 45% less than normal – so £497 instead of £897 – because this is a beta program. 

Beta means that this course is in its “first draft”. We will use the feedback from students who participate in this round to refine and improve for the official launch of the fully polished program. 

This means that we’re learning as we go what works and what doesn’t, so don’t expect a fully polished course. That’s why the price for this round is so low. 

As a beta student, you are expected to take part in feedback during the course and agree to a Zoom interview of 30 – 45 mins after the course so we can get into the nitty-gritty of what worked and what maybe didn’t.

Yes! With your purchase, all the teachings and tools are yours to use, download, and live by for as long as you walk this path. Meaning you can dive back in ANY TIME you need to refresh or reinforce a particular teaching. 

**Please note, though, if you request a refund, you forfeit access to all training, materials, the community, and support.**

You will be required to source materials for the weekly tasks, which include making your own tincture, flower essence and smoke cleansing bundle. This information will be released in advance to ensure you have ample opportunity to source ingredients.

Completing the weekly tasks is an integral part of your experience. 

You connect to the medicine of the herbs on a deeper level when you craft your own medicines. You also learn basic skills that you can apply to crafting other herbal medicines. 

If you do not feel like you can complete the weekly tasks, then I would suggest that this isn’t the course for you.

Yes – please check the timezones differences to ensure you can attend the live opening and closing ceremonies. 

You can catch up with the other classes on replay but attendance for the opening and closing is mandatory. 

Yes, you will get replays of everything.  All workshops, group calls & 1:1 sessions.

The only thing you need to attend live is the opening and closing ceremonies. 

As long as you catch up on the classes you miss during that week then you won’t have any problems. 

No, this course is not certified and does not qualify you to be a practitioner of any kind.

But it will give you the knowledge to create medicines for yourself and loved ones. 

Not at all. Spirit is in all things.

Sure, we often think of Nature and green spaces when we think of Shamanic work. But you can work Shamanically with your car, computer, or home. (I do this all the time!)

You can connect with the land under your apartment building, with the plants in gardens, weeds on the walkway, the birds in the sky, or with the orchid sitting in your window sill.

I will teach you how to reach the plant spirit realm around you – no matter where you are.

How do you know if this journey is right for you? Easy. You feel it.

You don’t just have a hunch that there’s more to self-healing than swallowing a few pills or supplements. 

You know it deep in your bones. 

You feel it. 

That’s the medicine calling to you. 

It doesn’t want you to spend the rest of your life struggling in a system that patches you up with quick fixes. 

It wants you to connect with every aspect of healing, nature & your highest self. 

Unleash the vital, connected, healthy, happy & whole version of yourself using the power of Shamanic Herbalism. 

With me as your guide every step of the way. 

No more Googling. 

No more guessing. 

No more frustration.

Because every path is walked one step at a time…

The only step you need to feel ready for is your next one.

Not the next 2. Not the next 10. Not the next 200. 

Just the next ONE. 

So if you’re not feeling 100% ready right now, you don’t have to be! Because I’ll be here to guide you by the hand each step of the way. 

With a live, guided format and lifetime access to all the materials, a Journey Into Herbal Shamanism will always be there to back you up – no matter how many times you need to refresh or build on your skills. 

Plus, you get a full 6 weeks to come on the journey risk-free.

If you’re ready to make 2024 the year you take back control of every aspect of your health & wellness, then join me and your fellow students on this transformational journey. 

(^ We both know you’re ready!)

The path to a more connected, vibrant existence is waiting for you. 

We’ll walk it together. Step by step. 

I can’t wait to welcome you inside!


I want to say thank you so very much for a wonderful course. I’ve enjoyed it so much…Honestly, I’ve learned so much. I’ve ordered more jars to keep my herbs in asked for a foraging basket for Christmas, and even made a couple more cheeky electuaries, I set my intention and with your help achieved it. It is a wonderful, fun, informative course, an absolute joy to participate in. Thank you so very much


rachel thelwell

Rachel T

Wendy made learning enjoyable. Her authentic knowledge of the topic allowed folk methods to be used in practical applications that I feel comfortable using daily. In addition, through hands-on learning, reputable material, and lectures, Wendy provided a well-rounded container for all learning styles. I would recommend this course to anyone starting or fostering an already-established relationship with plants.

Jennifer Vegliando copy

Jennifer V

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